Need a few more mailbag questions for a podcast tomorrow

Go ahead and post them here.

Best guess: if Wagner comes and starts which is more likely?

He starts at the 3 and slides Livers to the 4?
He starts at the 2 and bumps Brooks/DDJ/whoever?

Best and worst case scenario for the 2019-20 Michigan season

You posted a 2020 mock draft with 3 big ten guys in it I think, and only ayo in the first round. Who are some guys who you think might play their way into the draft this season and why?

What do you see as Cassius Winston’s NBA potential given that we like to contrast Poole leaving early with Winston staying?

What do you expect Hoiberg to do in the short and long terms?

How much does 2020 recruiting success depend on Michigan playing well this season? It seems that a lot of big names plan to announce in the early signing period. Do you expect Michigan’s main targets (Burnett, Kessler, JAR, etc.) to delay their decisions until after the season?

How many players do you think will average 10+ PPG next year?

Aside from Livers, who will have the highest 3 point shooting percentage on the team?

2 questions:

  1. Who do you think is most improved player in the Big Ten next year?

  2. What will be the biggest differences in Livers, Teske, and Z’s games next year?

Can Livers become a First or Second all B1G player, and become Michigan’s next first round NBA pick?

Is Simpson capable/comfortable of running a team at a quicker tempo?

If Juwan elects to have an uptempo pace team, what players on this current roster would be the most effective at that system?

How do you expect the change to the international 3 point line will affect Michigan and college basketball at the macro scale in the immediate future (next year)?

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Assuming this will be a Moving Screen podcast, here are a couple of MSU and Big Ten questions. Do you think Tom Izzo’s successor is on the MSU staff right now? Who are the most highly regarded assistant coaches in the Big Ten?

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How many games do the Cleveland Cavaliers win this season?
How would you gauge your interest on how Coach Beilein does in the pros? I found his first draft extremely interesting