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What will be the key to an improved defense this year? More zone? Experience? Rim protectors?

Who is most at risk of losing a spot in the rotation if they don’t establish themselves early on in the season?

Who is this year’s Aubrey Dawkins? Essentially, which player may not be a factor early on but eventually become a fixture in the rotation later on?

What is a reasonable floor/ceiling/median for the quality of this year’s defense? Same question for the offense as well.

Would you take the Over or Under on 1.5 Michigan players being selected in the 2016 NBA draft?

Would you take the Over or Under on 1.5 Michigan players being selected in the 2016 NBA draft?

That seems like an easy under.

Seems like a fancy way of asking, “Will anybody other than LeVert get drafted next year?” I don’t think so :wink:

What does the center position need to average in combined points and rebounds for us to be a top 20 team?

How easy of an under?

How would you describe Coach Beilein’s recruiting criteria? What are his most sought attributes in a recruit? What is his vision for the program as a whole as it relates to recruiting?

I found it interesting that Aubrey/Duncan played only the three and Kam/DJ played only the 4. When Zak comes back, does he slide to the 4? If he plays the 3, does Duncan become buried on the depth chart?

The team struggled mightily to get into an offensive rhythm early last year but improved over the course of the year despite losing Levert and Walton to injury. Do you expect some early struggles on offense again this year? What do you think would be the most important changes to allow this team to avoid similar performances and have a more efficient (closer to vintage Beilein) offense right from the get-go?

Can you imagine a scenario where Dawkins starts at the 3 and Irvin is used to back up Dawkins at the 3 and LeVert at the 2 (getting about 25 minutes per game overall)?

Do Teammates view DJ Wilson as a Future NBA Pro?

This question is probably best answered after their senior season of HS. Davis or Teske… Is either likely to provide quality minutes at the 5 for 10-15 minutes a game as a true freshman?

How do they determine the B1G/ACC challenge match Ups?

ESPN has most of the control over them I believe.