NCAA: “We recommend against sporting events open to the public”

Statement seems kind of soft: “we recommend” as opposed to “we will be playing regionals closed to the public”. Anyone have insight or ideas into why they wouldn’t just come out and say that they’re closing the doors to non-essential personnel/family members?

Mark Emmert’s statement above says that

Thanks. Work computer is blocking out the photo for that.

it was weird that the NCAA put out a statement saying they recommend it and then 5 minutes later Emmert has his own statement saying the tournament will be played that way

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I want this tournament to be filled with buzzer beaters and wild endings just to see it all play out with no crowd noise or external excitement. It will be the trippiest experience ever.

Yeah, might as well get weird with it at this point. Let’s see our first 16 seed in the Elite Eight!

Big Ten Tournament forging ahead

Some highlights:

Home games limited to student-athletes, coaches, officials, essential personnel, a limit of two family members and credentialed media.

Essential travel for teams, coaches and staff related to competition will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Michigan will not be allowing coaches to conduct off-campus recruiting activities or host recruits on official or unofficial campus visits during this time period.

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Trice’s Mom will be hilarious.


The arenas should air soundbites like Al McGuire’s “Holy Mackerel!” whenever a great play is made on the court.

If they’re going to cancel it, cancel it, but postponing makes no sense at all. The virus is going to spread regardless. It’s just a matter of how much, how fast.


I mean, I assume we aren’t barred from all public gatherings for the rest of existence.

We have no idea how many people have the virus, due to insufficient (to put it mildly) levels of testing, and we know it’s highly contagious. This isn’t going away anytime soon. Postponing the Tournament for a couple of weeks isn’t going to help.

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