NCAA Tourney Matchups Favorable/Unfavorable

With Selection Sunday being tomorrow and assuming we stay on the 1 line who do we want to avoid as a 8/9 or 4/5 seed?

UNC and UConn as a 9 seed would be a tough draw. Loyola Chicago is top 10 in kenpom but a 8 seed in Bracket Matrix.

I’d like to avoid FSU if possible as a 4 seed.


I think drawing Billanova as the 4 would be ideal

I think Loyola is a favorable matchup. Krutwig is 6’9” and doesn’t shoot threes. I think Hunter would do to him what he did to Garza.

No clue what seed they’ll end up with but get Oklahoma State out of our region if at all possible. I know they lost today but they look good and are playing hot :joy:


Looks like we will be with Bama as our 2 seed as it seems like we’re locked into the 4th overall seed and Iowa and OSU are guaranteed 2s as well


It’s favorable for a sweet 16 game but not round 2, imo

I’d be okay with that!

Want Clemson and and Virginia tech in 8/9. Don’t want Florida UNC or Loyola.

In the 4/5- want nova and Virginia and don’t want Florida state or West Virginia.

Seeds per 131 bracket 3/13


With Livers out and assuming no further injury - we should be favored in every single game until the Elite Eight at the earliest, would you guys agree?


Yes, this is why I think predictions of our demise are premature. Will still be favored until the elite 8, but even then, 3 games in and some upsets can happen on the other side of the bracket.


Depends on the 4/5. Favorites yes probably, but not overwhelmingly so in the sweet 16.

Depends on who were playing and how we look in the other games

Haven’t really looked at the bracket projection stuff much but some of the 8/9 seeds out there on the Matrix seem… pretty decent?

UConn, LSU, St. Bonnies, UNC, Loyola… All pretty dangerous for their own reasons.


Yeah the 8/9 seeds look better than a lot of the 7 and 6 to me

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As a UConn alum, I can tell you UConn is incredibly up and down and that’s because bouknight is their jordan Poole. I think UConns down enough to get off the 8 line. Palm has them as a 5 today. Committee hopefully takes his injury into account and gives them more credit m

Seems like we will probably be in Alabama’s region no matter what, doesn’t it? Whether they take our 1 seed or not, I imagine we are 4/5 on the curve right?


Am I crazy for not being scared of Loyola? Someone please tell me what I’m stupidly missing.

I think they are a pretty good matchup but still drawing a top 15 KenPom team in round 2.

Seems like very similar to Michigan as a defensive team (although obviously less talented). But yeah they won’t be able to score on Michigan

I know the metrics love them for murdering a bunch of MVC baby seals but I look at their offensive numbers and their roster (lots of short guards) and I don’t see how they’d fair well against superior athletes. Their defense is very good, no doubt, but I’m trying to imagine 6-9 Krutwig doing anything against Hunter. Wall him up and stick to their two shooters.

Obviously I’m oversimplifying things and probably not giving them enough credit for dominating their conference.