NCAA Tournament Open Thread

A few thoughts in here to start the discussion…

IU is in… Tom Crean lives on.

Maryland got a pretty low seed at 4. Looks like Wisconsin will be a one and Michigan State got a 7… with a pretty nice draw. Don’t think Georgia is anything special, but Virginia will be tough.

Don’t know how Dayton gets to play a home play-in game and then play as an 11 seed vs. Providence in Columbus.

Actually think the B1G has a very real shot to win all of their first games. OSU will love an up and down track meet with VCU, and Indiana is going to match up well with Witch State also. Hard to believe that 7 teams got in though.

Yeah… Feel like the Big Ten took a step back across the board, yet tied the Big 12 for most teams in the dance at 7.

IU ahead of OSU on the official seed list.

UCLA and Oklahoma State seeded where they are is criminal.

Texas and UCLA being in is a complete joke.

Also it helps when the Ohio State AD is on the tournament committee. Not sure they even belong.