NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


Not when we kicked their behinds earlier this year.


Other than the fact that I am really rooting for N Iowa, this game is fun. See that Wisky is catching up to Xavier, too. . .


That N Iowa guard was fouled repeatedly there in the corner, btw. . .


Awesome, awesome game. This guy House is ridiculous.


Overtime has been fantastic on both sides of the court.


Both teams must be shooting–what–90% in OT? On fire.


Both these games have been awesome


Big time freaking drive by Edmond Sumner.


And a bigger shot by Koenig. Wow.


How did he not see Koenig was pulling. It’s easy to see he’s about to pull.


Fake cross pull up. He does it all the the time


LOL. Showalter with such a flop there, he was flopping before Sumner even touched him.


Come on Wisconsin!!


And grinning.


Wow. Best day of the tourney. Too bad most of it happened late


Wisconsin baby!!!


My buddies and I saying the same Bacon


Unreal. Can’t believe these games are taking place simultaneously.


Gard has done one heck of a job!


I was texting with my buddy from Xavier during the game (he’s in St Louis right now). I won’t text him again for a day or two…