NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


I’m not so sure about that. How do we define average? Above 40? In 2013, Michigan was 48 in adjusted defensive efficiency, and I think we all agreed that they were average at best.

In 2014, here are the adjD numbers of some of the contenders: Wisconsin was 49, Michigan was 109, UK was 41, Duke was 116 (although they lost in the first round, so maybe they weren’t truly “contenders”).

In 2015, Wisconsin was 54, ND was 102, MSU was 47.

That’s obviously not an exhaustive list. The point is that if Michigan’s offense can return to elite status, and the defense can be “average,” Michigan can compete. Whether the offense and defense can return to those levels is a different conversation.


Well this year their offense was 46th. Obviously their D was a huge concern and it couldn’t make up for an offense that took steps back. What would be more surprising next year if the offense improves or if the defense does?


I think so, too, but then that would have led to the inevitable ton of message board posts about how we can’t compete with the top programs, how our style of play is detrimental, etc., etc., when the reality is we were an 11 seed and UNC was a 1 seed.


2013 and 2014. In fact, there are a lot of stats out there every year about how the top teams are almost always highly ranked in offensive efficiency.

This just circles back to the same discussion. Players that are great on both offense and defense are known as five star, one and done recruits. We’re not getting many of those guys (and I course I don’t think we would be getting many no matter who’s coaching). So if the choice is great offense/average-to-slightly below average defense (say a Nik, or a Jordan Poole), versus below average offense and great defense, I’m taking the former.

With that said, one way to really tweak this (that I think we both agree on) is big man recruiting. I don’t see us landing any Diamond Stones in the near future. But, JB loves to recruit bigs that he thinks have some face up game (Donnal being a perfect example). To date, that has really worked out poorly for the most part. I’d be all in favor of getting some more athletic, shot blocking types, especially when for the most part, all they’re asked to do on offensive is set picks and roll to the basket.

On 2013 recruiting, by the way, think how much better this current team would be with either VJ Beachem or Malcolm Hill (two guys we recruited but didn’t offer). Or Demetrius Jackson or Monte Morris. We’re after the right guys for the most part, we just didn’t get the return we expected from Walton, Irvin, Chatman, or Donnal.


Nova taking pride in their defense this first half. Really digging in. Will be interesting to see if OU can adjust.


Too much sloppy play from Oklahoma. Far too loose with the ball.


Nova is putting on a team defensive clinic this first half. It’s a thing of beauty.


More of an offensive clinic… A point a half per possession is just about impossible to keep up with.


All around great half. I’m more impressed with how they have made OU look utterly inept on offense.

OU needs to find ways to get stops and out in transition. They don’t have the talent outside Buddy to climb back in this game with half court sets. Nova will not let Buddy breathe.

It’s clear Nova players are being told to have your hands on Buddy when he doesn’t have the ball. Will be interesting if that gets called in the 2nd half.


One corrupt athletic program down…hopefully the other follows on Monday night.


Too many guys in both games trying to impress the NBA.


Nova gets in your jersey. No idea if they will win this but they are defending with a purpose the first 10min


Would love to see them win.


Same. I hate unc with a passion.

What a game so far. I think the 2 best teams in CBB are playing right now.


Refs are trying to steal the show. Don’t call this game any differently than the other games.


Can’t recall a team collectively driving into the lane, then using pivots to get off shots like this Villinova team. Very impressive.


Wow. What an ending. Got to be among the best finals.


Great game. Nova deserved it.

Corrupt asshole coaches and administrators at UNC don’t. Good riddance.


What a tournament a lot of close exciting games capped off with one of the best finishes ever. Now is when I accept the fact that UMs season is over now that it’s all done lol