NCAA Tournament, Michigan vs UCLA

Michigan 1-3 against UCLA in the NCAA tournament. Tonight UM gets to 2-3.

1965: UCLA 91 Michigan 80. Championship game. Gail Goodirch goes for 42 to beat UM and Cazzie Russell in the National Championship Game.

1975: UCLA 103 Michigan 91 (OT). 1st round. This was the 1st year non-champions could qualify as the NCAA tournament expanded from 24 to 32 teams. C. J. Kupec knocked home a 25 ft. 2 point field goal over UCLA’s Richard Washington to send the game to OT. UCLA won their 10th NCAA Championship in 12 years, but UM almost knocked them off in the 1st round!

1993: Michigan 86 UCLA 84 (Overtime). Round of 32. Michigan overcomes a 19 point deficit with a Jimmy King put back off a Jalen Rose miss as the shot clock was going off with 1.5 seconds left in the game. End of regulation was wild as both teams turned over the ball in the last 6 seconds of regulation. We all remember how Michigan came up short in the Championship Game that year.

1998: UCLA 85 UCLA 82. Round of 32. UCLA takes a big lead and holds off a come back by Brian Ellerbee’s Michigan Wolverines. It would be over 10 years until the Wolverines returned to the big dance.


Did Louis Bullock really shoot 7/27 in that game (2/14 from 3)? Why in the world did he take 27 shots on a team with Tractor Traylor (8 shots), Maceo Batson, Travis Conlan, Robbie Reid and Jerrod Ward? Talk about trying to be a hero


I don’t know if you remember the Ellerbee years, but team discipline was in short supply!


Haha I do remember those years and I vaguely even remember this UCLA game, but did not remember Bullock just going bombs away. The Ellerbe era was painful. How did Traylor only take 8 shots? Talk about efficiency getting to 19 and 10 with only 8 FGA.

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I rather suppress any memories associated with Ellerbee’s years. Those were some awful basketball despite having some talented players on the roster. Amaker cleaned it up but the team was still bad to watch. Just enough to win but not enough to be awful. I’m just thankful that John Beilein came along and put the program into national prominence.

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I remember that Baron Davis tore his ACL after a dunk attempt.

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this was the year after Traylor broke his arm on Taylor’s explorer accident that let the floodgates open to the Martin violations.

Willie Mitchell transferred, and Taylor declared for the NBA. So the fab5 #2 was left with Conlon, Baston and Ward (who had a couple ACL operations). I believe that was the year Michigan won the very first big 10 tournament. Reid was a transfer lefty from Utah.

Traylor, Bullock and Albert While (had transferred to Missouri already) were a part of another outstanding recruiting class by Fisher. Too much talent, but not enough discipline.

Gail Goodrich hit 18 FTs in that first game (1965) and 3 of our starters fouled out.

I’m saying we should expect some make-up calls tonight.


And Ward was 5-16. Oof. Then the rest of team was 16-26. Ellerbe, man…