NCAA Tournament attendance

Do you think there is any possibility that Covid vaccinated fans could be allowed to attend the tournament games in Indiana?

A large percentage of 65+ year old fans will have been Covid vaccinated by the middle of March.

Hopefully, but things are moving a bit slower than had been hoped so far.

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I would think a limited number may be able to. I imagine they’ll let a few family members for each player and coach. But with so many teams, that’s alot of people from outside the area for the first couple rounds. I could also see the NCAA saying no fans and just trying to get through it without the added complications of fans.

I doubt we see fans from the general population. I don’t think the NCAA would want to be in the business of screening for vaccinations, for example. Family is a possibility, but even that gets tricky when you have nearly 70 teams, which would mean travel, hotel stays, etc for thousands of parents. Might be a little more manageable when the field gets whittled down to 16 or 8.

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There will be fans. NCAA is about money. Maybe not the first couple rounds but no way they have no fans in the final four. they had fans at the CFP

It’s more a state by state thing though, isn’t it? Does Indiana currently allow limited fans at stuff? If so then 100% yeah there’ll be some people allowed.