NCAA Runner Up Question


Texas Tech fan here, I had a question for you guys. Does the runner up to the NCAA championship get a runner up trophy? I have seen some teams have runner up trophies in trophy cases and I was wondering if Michigan got one from last year?

I know the runner up trophy is one nobody wants but I was just curious about this.


Yes there is a runner up trophy.


I learned something new here. I knew Michigan earned a Final Four banner last year, but I did not know there was a runner up trophy.

@Redraider congratulations on a fine season and thanks for coming here for an answer.


Thank you guys for answering the question and thank you for the well wishes! You guys were great and hope we can meet again!


Indeed. Could have gone either way.


If you played Louisville in the championship, they would have to abandon their Nat Championship and then you could decide if you want to claim the nat championship…if even for your own mental health. Signed, still disgruntled Michigan fan.


btw, I agree that Texas Tech was impressive. Nothing is as enjoyable to watch as a well coached team exceeding expectations. TT did that in spades. Enjoyed every minute of your tournament run…except the throttling of Michigan


not sure if this troll job or not lol


Yes there is a runnner up trophy. You have to sign for it upon delivery so I’d just sit at your front door and wait for it so you don’t miss it.


Not trying to troll you guys. I tried asking some guys on our message boards and they didn’t know and since our coach is building up our program I figured any trophy would help in that endeavor and it is hard to find any info on runner up trophies so I thought I would ask the previous years runner up.