NCAA Division I Council approves Nov. 25 start date for 2020-21 season


Expect there will be a LOT of announcements from conferences, events, teams, etc. about scheduling news coming in rapid fire in the coming days/weeks.


Full release.

This seems like the most likely path to sorting out Michigan’s non-conference…

Play the MSG games at Mohegan Sun and then play maybe a couple of extras.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

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Did those matchups ever get assigned? I can’t remember

No, not yet.

Can’t imagine there are any buy games this year.

With teams only playing 4-7 non conference games, I suspect that you won’t need much more than a blown out MTE if that’s what happens.

I suspect most high majors will go that route and smaller schools will just have to play regional/local smaller games of some sort.

I’d love to see the B1G and ACC double up the challenge this year … set up 3 or 4 bubble locations; play 2 in-conference and 2 B1G/ACC non-conference matchups within each bubble site.

Great for TV. Great for tourney resumes and NET rankings.

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So on brand for Duke


One thing to note is that in addition to classes going fully remote after Thanksgiving. Winter term won’t start until Jan 19 (no Spring Break.)