NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Texas Tech Open Thread



Officials for Michigan-Texas Tech: James Breeding, Michael Irving and Larry Scirotto.

Breeding looks to be mostly East coast (ACC/Big East).
Irving does Pac 12/Mountain West games.
Scirotto is mostly a Big Ten ref.


Michigan is 7-1 in Scrirotto’s games. Only loss was the Big Ten Tourney final.


My usual opening comment this tourney season. “WIN THE GAME.” GO BLUE.


Florida State probably should have fouled


9:52 pm tip.


Ryan Cline is a God right now


Can Cline make one more shot?


Holy shit. This is NMSU Auburn again


Edwards was almost the goat when he missed the first FT.


Painter should’ve told them to “Form a F’ing Wall!”


Moe Wagner in the house tonight.


God if there was ever a game for our offense and defense to fire on all cylinders this would be it!!! Let’s go blue!


Is he with Rob Pelinka?


Five minute delay on the tip here. Technical issue with one of the TV trucks.


Think they can get the clocks to work tonight?


Sure, but we’re going to need that every game here on out…


Very very true!


Could that be a “the other game is overtime” technical issue?


Hey, we’ve started!