NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Florida Recap


Great win.

11 offensive rebounds including 4 by Teske. Not sure what M’s average is but 31% o rebound seems high.

I was happy with the win but let’s talk about Jordan Poole’s deficiency’s… JK. Let’s not.

5 Sweet Sixteen’s in 7 years. My man can coach.


Missed it – family stuff. Anyone know where a cord-cutter can find a replay?

Now that Teske can guard 1-5 I think that Beilein finally has his perfect team, or at least he will next year when Teske elevates his percentage from three by three or four percentage points.

Brooks seems to be in a good place right now and that could be big going into the regionals. It is a luxury having Livers, Brooks and Castleton coming off the bench.

Imagine this team but with Simpson at a consistent 35% from three, Teske close to 40% and Jalen Wilson/Livers both as plus shooters as well. Could be scary good next year with reasonable shooting improvements


The improvements needed from Teske and Simpson from 3 are both in the speed of their delivery more than accuracy. Both could stand to improve in accuracy, of course, but for spacing purposes both of them need to be wide open to set up and take their shot. If anyone is remotely close to closing them out, it’s not worth bothering.

Z at 33% but with a quick trigger is a completely different animal than the player he is now–he can punish teams for ducking screens and sagging in a way that he can’t right now. Same with Teske.

I like our shooting spacing more now than I did earlier in the year. Livers turning into a reliable 40%+ 3-point shooter is a really big deal.


Who all comes in next year for M? I know the kid from Texas and Jeb. Who else. If everyone stays this team could be even nastier next year

No Zeb, 2020.
Cole Bajema.

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I was being playful about Teski, of course, but if shooting percentages inch their way all around–and Bajema is a shooter–next year should be a banner year.

With all due respect, X has barely attempted a 3 this year that was not wide open, and is barely at 30%, so I’d say his problems are absolutely accuracy related.

We don’t have a guy on this roster who is a 30%+ shooter if they aren’t catch & shoots.

Much respect to Mike White. Florida had a really good gameplay and he ran some awesome sets, almost completely ball screen-centric, to confuse Michigan. The coaching staff scouted Michigan’s defense very well. Florida just doesn’t have enough talent on that end. Nembhard is already an advanced passer and Locke a knock-down shooter, but they need more help. Nobody can create one-on-one if the initial set breaks down.

Once they get a better roll man finisher, maybe someone who can finish above the rim, plus another 35%+ three point shooter or two to surround Nembhard, Florida will be extremely tough to beat. I really enjoyed watching the Gators’ offense.


The last 4 minutes of the game were just magic. Michigan got it’s swag back.

And no signs of fatigue, yeah!

I’d be delighted if either or both of them improved significantly in accuracy. But if they keep taking that long to take shots, they will continue to hit a very low volume, because teams can leave them and still close out successfully; I suspect this is part of their accuracy problem. Both frequently seem to lose accuracy when there is any sort of closeout attempt, and their slow motions give the closeouts plenty of time to get home.

We’ll see what happens next year. It’d be nice to win a title first and find out later.

So Bejma and Wilson? Hopefully the roster stays intact. Theyll miss Charles, livers has shown glimpse of what could be next year with him back as a starter