NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Florida Preview



Dylan and Brendan talking about what kind of dog Poole is


Gator perspective:


Interesting, their writer portrays us pretty accurately…though he/she lost some credibility by comparing final score margins against MSU as some sort of potential measuring stick. Also, to not even mention the X hook shot as something to watch for is plain disrespectful :wink:


Dude spends that entire article discounting Michigan’s accomplishments but fails to mention that UF has few of their own. Their two best victories are over LSU (one of which was after Wade was suspended) and their conference AdjEM was barely positive.

Also, that hair. Wow.


Yeah the “if you discount everything they did, they haven’t done anything impressive” was humorous.


Coach Beilein’s interviews are always informative and professional. He shows genuine interest in everyone’s questions and doesn’t, like other head coaches, seem to dislike interviews and it shows. He doesn’t belittle anyone. I’m very proud of our coach.


Yeah, I agree. Totally messed up on that front.


I am expecting a close, hard fought, low scoring game.


Last night, I was thinking that the middle of the SEC is garbage, and that Michigan would crush Florida. Today, I am super nervous, and we’re still an hour from game time.


Looks like the tip has already been pushed back 10 minutes. 5:25pm now.