NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Florida Open Thread



Officials for Michigan-Florida: Kelly Pfeifer, Eric Curry and Joe Lindsay.


Pfeifer is primarily a Big Ten ref. He did Florida’s game on Thursday along with Joe Lindsay.

Curry did 6 Big Ten games this year but a lot of MWC/P12.

Lindsay is primarily SEC/American it looks like.


What uniforms are we wearing, Dylan?


Wearing the whites.


Yep, white unis for Michigan. Florida in blue.


Whelp time to crack open the first beer…gotta calm me nerves; play your game boys and you got this!


Watching the game from Niagara today let’s go Blue!


Looking for our defense to spark our offense today.


I’m looking for JP and Livers having big games today.


Watching from Panama City Beach.


I just want to continue to see March Matthews! When he believes and plays like he is the most athletic kid on the court he elevates our team!


Nice! Maybe in a cpl weeks time we will be watching from Minneapolis!!!


Watching from my basement couch with my lucky beer coaster…fancy!


Please win the game




Man, this one is gonna be a war. With how these teams play each possession is going to be so crucial… can’t waste them. Let’s get it


Especially Teski is going to have to play like a man.


Attack and don’t let up. Go get em, blue!


Heed the words of “Coach” McGary: