NBA Playoffs Thread


For someone who always talks about “bottom line,” you sure make a lot of excuses and rationalizations for your chosen teams. Bottom line, they lost a best-of-7 series.


Here’s the thing, GS has more talent from top to bottom. They just settle for 3s and were punked on the glass by a more physical team. History dictates that teams like GS lose in the playoffs and that’s what happened tonight.


They won because Klay set an NBA playoff record 11 3’s, they were very fortunate.


Simple as that, I cannot disagree.


Finally someone willing to be real about it. Bottom line is GS got lucky as hell. OKC had much better looks the entire series, controlled tempo, and was the more aggressive team. At the end of the day Klays hot hand over 10 minutes overcame that


They won a best-of-7 series. If it were a one-off game like the NCAA tournament, then maybe you’d have a point. But not now.


Since you want to talk about ‘my boy’, would you rather have Russ or Steph? Really curious


Id rather have Russ, because he’s a better player. I don’t think that invidates my point, though.


Just as I thought


Then I’d surround him with some lights-out shooters so he could win me a championship.


The Warriors missed Bogut a great deal. He was their rim protector and with him out the Warriors small ball could not keep the Cavaliers out of the paint and off the glass.


Nope, just needed Serge and Adams to convert lay ups and they’re hoisting a trophy right now. But that doesn’t matter, they lost.


That’s the moral of the story for me.


Also, I cannot stand Draymond Green, but if the game really matters, I’d take him in a heartbeat over Steph.


I hate both teams, but I hate draymond more than any nba player. So glad they lost!


I’m praying my boy Russell gets his next year!


I thought it was interesting how much GSW catered to Curry. I think he’s their best player, but he’s their best player within a team context. He’s so potent because they have so many weapons that they kill you when he demands double teams or help. GSW didn’t run a play those last two minutes. Just let Curry play some hero ball. Definitely hurt them.

Props to Kevin Love though. He defended Curry as well as you could ask any big man in that situation.


I generally agree with that, but at the end of the day GS won the series. I mean, Michigan got super lucky against Kansas in 2013. They generally led by about 6-12 the whole way, and we had a furious comeback to send the game into OT. So many things had to go right for us to win that game. But, a win is a win.


I have a feeling Towns might be #10 on that list by the end of next year. And while I’m definitely a Pistons homer, I think Drummond is not far away from being great, either.


I’m huge on Davis. The first time I saw him play I said that guy will be the one who takes the mantle from lebron not durant. His injuries are scaring me. I still put him in my top five though. I think towns will crack that list shortly.