NBA Playoffs Thread


I hate the Warriors (and actually found myself rooting for Cleveland), but you’re just wrong. The Warriors won it all last year and were a game away from winning it all this year after setting a record for most regular season wins.

Just out of curiosity, do you also think the spread is a gimmicky offense in college football?


Curry just couldnt deal with the physicality of the finals and even the WCF. Glad to see the cavs win and lebron bring a championship back to Cleveland.


Exactly. You can win with the spread, you can win with a pro style offense. You need great players and you have to execute your gameplan at a very high level.


Depends on what version your running… the power blocking style OSU runs definitely not, some of the others yeah. I prefer Harbaugh and Urban Meyer style over finesse teams.


You cite one year lol. It’s been proven time and time again, that teams who rely on the 3 generally are great regular season teams but usually get beat in the playoffs. Mike Antoni had a 5 year stretch with the Suns that reflected just that. Hats off to GS for winning it last year, but nobody in their right damn mind believes this is one of the great teams of all time. 73 wins is meaningless right now. For Klay Thompson to say GS would’ve beaten the Showtime Lakers is a complete joke. GS would’ve been swept in a hypothetical matchup.


The Warriors 73 regular season wins mean nothing now. The LeBron train was rolling as I said above.


Exactly. In other words it really doesn’t depend on the spread/finesse at all. It’s about your Oline - if they can’t block it simply doesn’t matter how good you are at the skill positions. It’s all about the line of scrimmage which is equivalent to the paint in bball


Post playoffs top 5 in the world for me - Russ, LJ, Kawhi, KD, AD and/or Kyrie. What do you guys think?


I’d have LeBron #1. Russ is great but really needs to work on his shooting. Towns will be up there very, very soon. I’d still likely have Chris Paul over Kyrie, though he was awesome in the last few games. I like Paul George a lot, too - not quite top 5 but could be someday soon.


Sorry, my list wasn’t ordered because it’s so close there really is no wrong order. All opinion at that point



TOP 10
1.LBJ(No way he is not 1)
2.KD(Completely shutdown Draymond Green, yet it went unnoticed)
6.Chris Paul
9.Paul George
10. James Harden


Can’t say it enough - Lebron wasn’t great offensively tonight by any means but his dedication to playing hard every play was very impressive IMO. He played winning basketball even if the perimeter shot/offense wasn’t going tonight. Definitely showed some heart and mental toughness. Steph on the other hand is exactly what I’ve been saying - a charmin boy that settles


I like the list. Crazy how OKC can have 2 of the top 5 players in the league and choke away a 3-1 lead.


Everything was good until KL. I mean, you have to be kidding right? Kevin Love isn’t even approaching top 5 status in the NBA. That’s insane


Kwahi Leonard.


Lebron won the series, but Kyrie won game 7


I’ll reiterate - they won 6/8 quarters in the last 2 games. People laughed, but a few minutes of hot shooting from Klay literally win the series. Sounds crazy but I still think OKC was the better team, Klay was just phenomenal for a 10 minute stretch


The game evolves. Typically, talent is going to win out. But if you have the talent, then being a 3-reliant team won’t preclude you from winning championships. Heck, it was just a couple of weeks ago that this 3-reliant GS team beat the athletic, attacking OKC team led by your boy Westbrook.


Ahhhh, my bad. Agreed