NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)


I don’t know. Maybe a bit of both. A lot of games that I saw Wisky in he was way too much on the perimeter instead of backing down and operating in the post where he had a clear advantage. At the next level they’ll want him to be Harden and not Al Jefferson. Course the emergence of Happ instead of a perimeter big like Kaminsky moved him even further out but I feel like he didn’t move down low even with Happ out.


100% correct. He was told he needed to show better ball skills and long range shooting ability. Beginning of the year he was trying to be a SG or SF and that’s not his role AT ALL. He belongs in the post. Also Shot way too many threes and tried to face up smaller guys, It was a disaster. Good thing is, Wagner and Wilson already have good ball skills and can shoot, they just need to get stronger and mature for another year.


If you compare Hayes’s sophomore and senior years, he shot 30 less threes as a senior and 91 more twos. Even as a junior, he shot 32 more threes than as a sophomore but 72 more 2s. He shot way more FTs as a junior and senior than as a sophomore. I’m not sure that hanging around on the perimeter and trying to jack 3s was the problem for Hayes. Maybe part, but part was usage and missing Kaminsky – as good as Happ was, he wasn’t the same perimeter player – and another part was probably facing better defenders. When Dekker was there he probably faced the best and bigger forward defenders. Not so the last couple of years. So maybe a combo of factors.


Key phrase: BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. His first 6 games was all perimeter play. Watch those games.


Could very well be. I thought people were saying he was less effective generally. And he did shoot significantly worse from 3 junior and senior years than sophomore year, probably because he was getting worse looks.

Generally, though, it probably does happen sometimes. A player focuses too much on what he thinks the NBA wants and not enough on his strengths. Got to balance those things.


What made Nigel so good was his isolations from the post. He wasn’t ever a good shooter from distance but midrange was mediocre. This is what amazes me, he scored 2 points a game less as a senior then as a junior but shot almost 10% better from the field. That’s very impressive IMO. Him coming out and firing away from deep was directly related to what NBA general managers and scouts told him. As we all know, 6’6/6’7 players who can’t shoot 3s or run an offense don’t get drafted or really play in the NBA. He knew he needed to adjust to have any hope of being drafted. It didn’t work out and that’s why he won’t be getting drafted or be in the NBA long if at all. He’s a great guy and great college player but he’s not built for the NBA.


Well, Hayes made 40 3s his sophomore year shooting 39.6%. For comparison, MAAR made 42 3s this year shooting 37.8%. So Hayes seemed like a pretty decent shooter that year.


Each season veteran college players rise and fall on this hypothesis, or it’s converse.



Can you possibly help clear something up? Do mock drafts (ie. DraftExpress) do their mocks solely based on if they think a player would get drafted or not? Example: They have D.J. Wilson as the #35 overall prospect but in the 2018 draft and not the 2017 draft. I always took that as DE thinking Wilson would be returning, not that they think Wilson would go undrafted in 2017.


It is my understanding that they do not include a player if they feel the player is coming back to school as well.


Yeah, I emailed them and they responded and cleared it up. We are both under the right understanding.