NBA Draft deadline moving back?

Not for this year, but interesting rule proposal:

The coalition is making public its series of recommendations it hopes will spark conversation among college athletic circles — and ideally end up in officially proposed legislation, submitted before Sept. 1, 2015. The concept would:

​Move the NCAA’s deadline for underclassmen to withdraw from the NBA draft from the day before the NLI spring signing period (April 14 in 2015, for example) to late May — approximately five weeks later (May 21 in 2015, for example).
Keep the NBA early application entry deadline 60 days prior to the NBA draft and unchanged – April 26, 2015, for example.
Lead the NBA to send invitations to players by early May to participate in the NBA draft combine in mid-May. The invitations would be limited to qualified prospects — approximately 20-30% above the number of draft spots (about 70-80 total players). This is intended to make things more cut-and-dry for prospects who do not receive a combine invite, and they would still be able to return to school.
Lead the NBA to provide after the combine and before the new NCAA early-entry withdrawal deadline specific and direct feedback to underclassmen who participated in the combine about their draft potential and projected landing spots.

Don’t like it all, seems that would have the effect of leaving coaches and schools in a really bad spot in terms of recruiting because a potential early entry candidate can say he’s declaring for the league and then subsequently withdraw from the draft after a coach has given away a scholarship to replace said player. If a coach has allocated that scholarship to a recruit that has signed an LOI…what the hell do you do? It’s ridiculous, just let HS kids have the ability to go straight to the NBA, with the caveat that if you choose to attend college, must do so for at least 2 years.

It’s tricky either way. It was ridiculous after the Final Four when guys had like a week to decide. Coaches made the original rule and then everyone cried out that it was unfair to the players.

The NBA controls the HS rule and any age limits, so not much the NCAA can do there because the NBPA likes it how it is I believe.

A lot of these issues can be fixed by simply allowing kids to enter the NBA straight from HS…but as you say, that’s on the NBA

I would hope they’d move the signing period back then, so coaches can wait longer to offer scholarships for those potential open spots.