NBA comparisons

Just for fun…

Nik = JJ Reddick/Mike Miller ?
McGary= Josh McRoberts
Caris = Jamal Crawford
GR3= Andre Iguodala

Nik - comparison is spot on, I think early career Mike Miller is a perfect comparison
McGary - I think McRoberts is selling him way short. Given his rebounding, effort and passing, I am going to go with a ceiling of Joakim Noah
Caris - From a handle perspective for his height, I get where you’re going with Crawford. Caris seems to care about defense though, and doesn’t have close to the handle of Jamal. I can’t think of a current pro, but he reminds me of Eddie Jones.
GR3 - If he makes it to Iggy’s level as a game changer that will be a shock. I would go with Demar Derozan

I agree on all but Nik and McGary. I have,
Nik = Bob Sura/Brent Barry
McGary = David Lee/Mehmet Okur/Loy Vaught
And I would add Caris = Jamal Crawford/James Harden/Eddie Jones
GRIII = Andre Igoudala/Calbert Cheaney/Sean Elliott

I actually think GR3 is further along than Iguodala as a sophomore at AZ. Derozan is solid, too.

McRoberts is second to only Kevin Durant in assist for players above 6’9’’ in the NBA. Check his second year at Duke and it’s similar to what I think healthy McGary averages. I like the Noah and David Lee comparisons.

The Eddie Jones comparison for Caris is something I never thought of but definitely can it in his game.

For Nik, I would say Miller or Redick, and I see some Kirk Hinrich in him too.

For Mitch, I would say Anderson Varejao, perhaps Lee if he sticks around next year and improves his offense some. Maybe a Nick Collison, too, or a taller Faried. Every NBA team loves to have guys like this, who just fight relentlessly for steals and rebounds and don’t care a lot about scoring.

Caris, I think the Crawford comparisons are pretty good. Lou Williams might be another apt one.

Hate to say it, but right now Glenn reminds me a lot of Marvin Williams. Maybe more of a Caron Butler if he can really improve his outside shot.

I will have to admit, I had an impression of McRoberts that goes something like “me tall, me hit things!” So I will just accept your comparison with him. An older player that I think he could grow into… Divac. (minus the flops, hopefully)

I will also concede that I have trouble separating that current Iggy from the version just coming out of college. I can see where you are going with that one. I love the Sean Elliott comparison.

Sura is an interesting comparison for Nik, but the combination of shooter and shot creator is much more like the Orlando Magic version of Mike MIller (mind you not the current hobbled Miami Heat stationary shooter). I know Nik has mentioned this one, but I can also see a Klay Thompson comparison.

Agree with the GRIII comparison and I honestly can’t think of someone in the NBA that reminds me of Mitch. I need a larger sample size because he hasn’t really played all that much. For Nik, I think of Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, and Gordon Hayward. Nik likes to run the offense through him so in that sense he’s very similar to Hayward, although Nik’s jump shot is much more refined. For Caris, I definitely see the comparison to Jamal Crawford, but he plays better defense than Crawford so I’d say if Caris can put on more weight/muscle, Lance Stephenson would be a better comparison.

Lance Stephenson w/ a 3 point shot and 2 inches of height? I like that.

Once Caris develops his vision and improves his decision making (especially on the fast break and in PnR situations), I believe he will be a triple double machine in the NBA. Also going to have to get much stronger to snag those rebounds, but I think he is definitely still growing into his body and based on how much weight he gained over the last offseason, he’s definitely headed in the right direction.

Could Caris not be a Durant type of player (Hypotheically, and ideally of course)? At times he’s a terrific shooter, he can defend, he’s got a ton of length, and he’s got good speed and athleticism.

Could Caris not be a Durant type of player (Hypotheically, and ideally of course)? At times he's a terrific shooter, he can defend, he's got a ton of length, and he's got good speed and athleticism.

Well, some would argue a 6’5’’-6’7’’ Durant = Jamal Crawford