Naz Hillmon leads Michigan to blowout win over Ohio State, sending a signal to the Big Ten


Great article. Appreciate the coverage. This team is playing as well as any in the country. And to do it without their starting point guard is amazing. Got to get to Crisler to see them play.


One thing that struck me as I watched the game on Saturday was how women’s hoops - with less player movement and few early entrants, etc., gives players who really don’t do much for the first two (or even three!) years work into serious contributor roles as seniors. Emily Kiser had been an afterthought for most of her career, and was unstoppable on Friday. Danielle Rauch barely played in first three years, but garners consistent minutes at this point.


With Amy Dilk being out, and recent-starter Laila Phelia missing the OSU game (and possible further contests, due to Covid-protocol) there are certainly minutes available in the backcourt. Thus far, every player has stepped up well. And, in the front-court, you are right about Kiser. She’s become a key component this season.

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It feels like Emily Kiser has really grown into a very good player. She has been a solid contributor on the glass all year and has really stepped it up offensively. At this point, she makes it very tough for any team to place too much focus on Naz which is huge. The two of them absolutely dominated Ohio State in the paint this past week.

I really enjoyed UofM rolling over OSU. Michigan’s win on New Years Eve day.
The announcer, however, had me yelling at the TV, she kept telling us OSU had a starting player who was not playing, over and over and over, not mentioning Michigan’s three year starter point guard was out and the freshman second string guard was not playing either.

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How similar is the Net rankings to the mens? If the data is pretty good and it theoretically matches predictive algorithms, Nebraskas high ranking would suggest that game is going to be pretty difficult.

There is a half hour special on Naz Hillmon tonight on BTN following the Michigan-Nebraska womens game.