Moving Screen: Two losses and lots of questions

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You really think Purdue is better than Michigan & MSU or are the Power Rankings more of a forecast for who’s going to win the conference regular season?

I think they are certainly playing better basketball right now. The idea behind the power rankings is more of a snapshot in time.

Michigan’s offense has been bad for the last 5 games. Michigan State has dropped two in a row including a game at home.

Don’t think it that controversial to have Purdue ahead of those two in a power ranking.

For example, here’s Torvik rankings since Jan. 1.


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That’s fair. Purdue is really overachieving this season, good for them.

Oof that adjusted offense…

Look on the bright side, we’re 19 and f****** 2.

That’s 20 (and f****** 2)!

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