Moving Screen Appreciation Thread

Well, I have to admit, I was one of those loyal Pod listeners who was disappointed to learn that Brendan and Dylan were moving to away from an UM-MSU focus to the larger Big Ten. I thought, “Well, that’s it for me. I guess I’ll just be a Pin-Down man from now on.” But, of course, I gave it a chance, and slowly but surely they kept me as a listener. Even in a down year like this one for the Big Ten, the Pod broadened my knowledge and interest in college basketball outside my normal Wolverine provincialism. There is, indeed, life outside of Michigan basketball. Of course, my favorite episodes were the ones that focused on Michigan, but there were lots of good storylines elsewhere. Kudos to Dylan and Brendan for adapting, evolving, and, hopefully, drawing in more listeners.


Anyone else hoping for a Moving Screen/Mark Titus Show crossover show at some point?


No #TeamTate

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Haha, I like them both just mentioned Titus because he’s a Big Ten guy.

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