Most annoying things announcers say about 2015/2016 Michigan

I wanted to make a thread because there are always a couple ridiculous and annoyingly wrong statements announcers make about our team. One that you hear about once a game:
-Comparing Duncan Robinson to Kevin Pittsnogle. The two players are vastly, vastly different.

Haven’t really watched any games on TV, but people have actually compared Duncan to Pittsnoggle?

I have only watched a few, but I thought it was more commenting on IF Robinson or maybe Wilson COULD take a Pittsnoggle role on the team which “Beilein hasn’t really had at Michigan.” That’s my recollection anyway.

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Nope, the comparison has definitely been made at least twice.

The first time, I just shook my head. A big Duncan believer on a different forum I post on made the comparison during an argument he and I were having. I shook my head because it probably gave him a sense of validity. The second time the comparison was made, in a different game, I just had to laugh.

Another stupid thing I heard:
-“Michigan is counting on Ricky Doyle being a double/double night in and night out type of player”…I mean it’d be nice, but come on.


Are we talking about announcers or things said in forum posts?
I wouldn’t be much surprised by any comment showing up in a forum post. People say some crazy stuff when emotion gets the best of them.


I heard the announcer several games ago reference Doyle as Michigan’s double-double guy. Where in the world would he get that idea.

Mike Patrick has named the wrong player 3-4 times tonight. Must not have studied the roster at all