Moritz Wagner possible concussion

When Mo got hit in the head in the collision with Zak Irvin, JB stated he may have a concussion and will need to be under the protocol tests. Hopefully he is ok but if not that is a huge loss and Mark Donnal and Jon Teske will need to really step it up a lot. Possibly see DJ at the 5 a little. Let’s hope he is ok.

Happ vs Mark :dizzy_face:

Remember how poorly Diamond Stone vs Mark went last year? Oh wait :wink:

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Donnal had the huge game against Maryland also Illinois but that was more thanks to the production and passing of Caris LeVert. Offensively Donnal has some chemistry with Zak in the PnR but Mo has been playing extremely well lately.

Please be okay, Moritz.

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Welp. Hopefully he’s good. I’m going to the Wisky game on Tuesday, so it’d be nice if it was competitive.

I try to keep things like this in mind when people say they want more Teske. It can happen in bad ways.

I am sure that is why this happened. /s

Not really sure where this came from? Beilein didn’t say anything about a concussion on Saturday, but sounds like Wagner is fine.

JB was asked at the very end of the presser on Saturday and he mentioned that Mo would go through “some protocol”. He definitely took a good shot to the button from Zak’s shoulder, glad it was nothing!

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