Moritz Wagner Likely to Play in College, Reportedly Considering (Favoring?) Michigan


Don’t know who this poster is but good call.


Looking back on this, if we didn’t get Wagner then we’d be looking at Donnal as our starting center.


Lmao I love it. Kid is going to be amazing next year


In all fairness Matt did admit to missing big time on Wagner, and also could have and would have never expected for so many to leave the program - Doyle, Chatman and others.


Also of note Mo has a brother Franz who I have seen mentioned by scouting services, believe he is a 01 birthday. Plays on the wing right now



Well written article.

When asked about Wagner’s confidence in himself, Walton said: “he thinks he is Kevin Durant.”

Wagner has been fun to watch from day one. It is great to see his success. What a big personality he has…


Just need to make sure he comes back next year. Sounds like from that article, he’s not quite yet on the NBA’s radar, but we all know that can change in a hurry. I think another year would do him a lot of good and there’s no doubt he will be the main man on next year’s team. Another year of physical development and outstanding production and then I think he will be ready to make the jump.


He’s made meteoric strides in such a short period. If development continues at this rate going forward he’s going to be really something.

Remember he’s still only 19. He’s 2.5 months younger than Xavier Simpson.


I forgot how young he is, thanks for the reminder.


This is glorious. And so proud of the refs, for noticing that Swannigan was clinging to Mo’s arm; right in front of the Purdue bench, no less.


Thanks for reviving this. Loved reading hot takes and the rest of the back and forth.


That game and Rutgers were really reffed well. Props to both crews they didn’t make calls just guys flaied around or it “looked bad” when in reality it was good d, going straight up, slight contact ect. Kudos