Moritz Wagner 2016/2017 thread


We have one for D.J. so let’s have one for Wagner, too.

Basically because I need a place to say WOW that dunk was monstrous. Did that make ESPN’s top 10?


it was #9 iirc



Mo needs to mature a little more. He also needs to use his height to rebound better and learn to play better defense. Most of his fouls are silly reach in fouls. We can’t take advantage of his offensive skills while he is setting on the bench.


The over-the-back at 19 seconds was pretty ridiculous. It makes you wonder if he knows the rules.


He’s young and he’s still adapting to the more physical North American style of basketball. Mo’s overall skill level is impressive. He just still has a huge learning curve ahead of him.

I anticipate a season full of ups and downs for Wagner — likely will be a few weeks where he is dominant and looks like Mitch McGary tournament version, likely will be a few weeks where he can’t get out of his own way because fouls or defensive lapses.


As long as the McGary version shows up from Jan. 17th to Feb. 16th, I think we’re good.


The thing I love about Wagner is he’s coachable. All week JB talked about Mo boxing out with his arms and not using his body, etc…I can think of 4 or 5 plays on Friday where he put his backside into the SMU player and truly boxed out like we were all taught in middle school (note some of those boards went to teammates).


Here’s a really good article from MLive about Wagner’s path to Michigan. It’s not all new information, but still a really good read.