Moneyball Pro-Am

Plenty of Michigan guys playing in the Moneyball Pro-Am this summer… Don’t think Michigan guys have usually participated much in the past.

Worth checking out if you are around Lansing.

Michigan pairings (with MSU teammates):

Walton and Donnal (with Langford and Schilling)
Dakich and Wilson (with Cassius and Eron)
Irvin and Wagner
Duncan and MAAR (with Alvin Ellis III and Nick Ward)
Hibbits and Lonergan (with Tum Tum and Bridges)

Im from Lansing and I have gone the past few years, it’s usually a pretty fun time but not too many serious takeaways from the games. But the rosters are usually filled with Spartans and young guys from the Lansing area who worship the Spartans, so it will be interesting to see how adding our guys adds to the competitiveness during games.

Also, IMO Walton, Donnal, Josh Langford, Schilling and Devin Oliver (from the Dayton elite 8 team) will run away with this thing.

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Can’t be a bad thing to go up and get some experience in. I can’t remember many (any) Michigan guys playing in the past.

What exactly is this tournament?

More info here

And Fred Jones!

I notice that none of the UM freshmen are playing or any of the UM women.

I think Davis is the only UM freshman from the state and UM’s campus is much farther from Aim High than State’s. I wouldnt read too much into it. I am guessing with the UM freshman just getting on campus, driving a few hours every week to play in a Pro-Am league isnt too much of a priority vs hopping across town like the State guys

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Yeah, this makes sense to me. If the Pro-Am was in Ann Arbor I’d guess that those situations would be flipped. Also, the freshmen just got to campus and who knows when they would have had to sign up.

Interesting league. Would be great to get some reports on how the Michigan guys look.

I suspect that it has more to do with Beilein not wanting them to participate in their first year.

Cool article about the dynamic between UM and MSU guys so far.

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A few clips from tonight

More on both of those guy’s feeds as well. Here’s stats and stuff if you want to over-analyze a summer run.

Don’t forget the tweet where Ward owned Wagner. For what’s it worth Moe looked undersized and slow against Ward on that play.

Mo didn’t arrive until halftime. No warm up, took him awhile to get his wind and get in the flow.

Ok, so here is my over-analyzed question: are all the Michigan players actually showing up to these? I dont see Irvin or Walton in any of the leader categories. Dakich and Wagner are sparsely in there. Are they just showing up at half time for some of these games if at all? If they are mostly there and accounted for, this is really odd and a bit concerning

There were a bunch of no shows yesterday I believe. And Wagner only played the second half as @sane1 mentioned above.

@sane1: Any other thoughts on the action?

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I haven’t made it this week but some of my buddies have gone every time and given me updates. From what they told me, lots of no-shows last night. Mo Wagner and Nick Ward from MSU went at it a little bit and both got the better end of the matchup at times. The MSU freshmen have all been really impressive, especially Bridges. Will be interesting to see how big of a leash Izzo gives them this year. Also heard that Walton and Tum Tum had a good matchup last week. Haven’t heard much of anything about Irvin, Robinson, MAAR or Donnal though.

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