Mock Drafts: Burke/Hardaway

Some updated mock drafts… where do you see Tim and Trey ending up?

Gary Parrish has Burke at No. 2, Hardaway at No. 36

Draft Express has Burke at No. 7, Hardaway at No. 25

ESPN has Burke at No. 7

I see Burke somewhere between 6-8, hardaway 25-35

I see burke at 6 and THJr early second round.

I see both being picked below their worth.

Burke won’t fall past New Orleans.

I would have thought the Bulls were a good landing spot for Timmy, but the emergence of Jimmy Butler has thrown that for a loop.

I’ll be rooting like hell for THJ to make it big in the NBA… but I have a bad feeling he will struggle, and may be a D-leaguer at a certain point. I’d love to be wrong tho. As for Burke, I have such mixed feelings- I really don’t know where he will go yet, and if he were somehow left on the board for the Pistons, it would be bittersweet. I’d love watching my guy playing for my team every night… but I hate everything about the Pistons make up and front office for the last 5 years, so I don’t wish that on him. However, I guess most teams with the chance to pick him have issues… so why not us? That said… doubt we get the chance.

If Burke goes lower than 8, I will be horribly disappointed. Hardaway is much more interesting, I think he has the potential to make a late first round cut, but as long as he finds a team that will give him a shot, I think he will impress them.

I really don’t see Burke falling past 8 because I’m positive the Pistons would take him… but I don’t even think he drops to Detroit. But yeah, Hardaway is very intriguing… I hope he gets taken near the end of the first round. It would be nice to see him drafted to a good team with a good staff… they would know what to do with him, since he has all the talent in the world, just needs to harness it. One thing I knock against THJ, is his ball handling… my god how many times I shouted at the TV when he face up with a defender dribbling… it usually didn’t work out for him. Anyways- I’d love to see him get a chance… he could make it.

Burke won't fall past New Orleans.

I would have thought the Bulls were a good landing spot for Timmy, but the emergence of Jimmy Butler has thrown that for a loop.

I’m a lifelong Bulls fan, so I’d love to see Timmy in Chicago. He’d probably ride the bench his first year, just like Jimmy did - Thibs does that to rooks - but by his second year, he could become a solid contributor. At some point, I expect Luol Deng to either leave Chicago via free agency, be traded, or take on a bench role behind Jimmy at the 3, while someone like Timmy works his way into the 2-guard rotation.

I think Timmy will surprise some people in the NBA. Has all the skills and athleticism. He’s not as bad a ball-handler as some people make him out to be. There were games toward the end of the season (I think Indiana, and in the Tourny) where Beilein had Timmy bring the ball up to get it out of Burke’s hands and help break presses. He’s not the best ball-handler, but decent enough. Combined with his ability to shoot the 3, and his driving ability, as well as defensive rebounding, I think he’s gonna do some things at the next level.