Mitch McGary's first workout

Will be for the Milwaukee Bucks


Hoping the best for Mitch, his intensity and passion for the game are best displayed in an actual game though. He is never going to wow you with athleticism or shooting in a drill/combine setting (hopefully I’m proven wrong about the shooting).

Well, he’s not getting drafted second, so hopefully this isn’t a bad sign about second round expectations. Maybe it’s just a quirk of the calendar, or working the rust off with a team with lower downside if they don’t draft him.

Kind of debunks the “promise” theory, right?

Yeah I would think it debunks that theory… Bucks won’t have a chance to draft him until round 2… If he has a first round guarantee he wouldn’t need to work out with them

Bucks can alway make a trade to acquire Mitch in late first round.

Bucks can alway make a trade to acquire Mitch in late first round.
True, but that doesn't mean the "promise" theory isn't debunked.

A bunch of notes on McGary on the front page… Sounds like he might have a promise as high as No. 24.

The Bucks practice facility, south of Milwaukee, is only 1.5 hours from Chicago, where McGary is preparing for the draft. Essentially it’s the closest place he could work out except for with the Bulls. You never know who else might’ve been allowed to watch the workout, or with whom information was shared, or simply there might’ve been some value in proving he could workout with somebody, with the added bonus of there being a fall-back in the 2nd round top spot. I hope the promise theory is true, and there are some good landing spots there.