Mitch McGary - Rivals "Strongly" Believes He Will Suit Up Sunday

Strong rumors floating around twitter and various Michigan sites (will refrain from linking out of respect for Dylan’s work) that Mitch will make his season debut Sunday.

Hopefully, this is true, but only if McGary is healthy and not at significant risk of a setback.

Edit - already beat to the punch in the game preview comments and Dylan has acknowledged - it’s already out there that Rivals has the “strong” feeling so title changed accordingly

Beilein is addressing the media this afternoon. We should know more then.

This is fine as a separate post here. It’s popping up everywhere on michigan sports sites. I maintain not expecting him to play, but all these rumors are certainly positive news for him coming back.

That would be a pleasant surprise.

I agree, guestavo. There are plenty of diehard UM basketball fans out there posting in ghost-town subsections on football boards. I bet we would have over 100 registered users by conference play.

More forum users = more repeat site visitors. More repeat site visitors = more people realizing the work Dylan and Joe put into this. More people realizing the work Dylan and Joe put into this = more donations. More donations = happy Dylan and Joe.

See what I did there??

I think if we have another great season, the fans will come. This site is by far the best UM hoops site, all thanks to Dylan. I do agree that a different forum format would coalesce all of the fans that are fragmented on other sites.

Actually, I think it would be well over 100.