Mitch McGary on the NCAA, his Marijuana Suspension & The NBA Draft

“Hopefully some kids can learn from it… Just don’t get caught.” That sentence lowered my respect for him significantly. I might get “disagrees” for this, but as an NBA player, whether he likes it or not, he has a responsibility as a role model for kids, and basically telling them to do drugs, but not get caught is NOT my opinion of a great role model. I love the way he plays, I love his enthusiasm and passion for the game, and the punishment was WAY overblown, but I really can’t believe that the only lesson he learned from this is whole ordeal is “Don’t get caught.” That’s just my two cents, you don’t have to agree with me!

Meh…hate to get into politics, but why is marijuana not legal on a federal basis considering alcohol/tobacco are arguably more harmful? I guess that’s my way of saying Mitch probably could’ve exercised better judgment but realistically we’re talking about a substance that will most likely be legalized within 10-15 years and we will laugh at this in retrospect. Kind of like saying “ass” on TV/radio in the 50s

Smoking pot is no different than coming home from work and downing a martini or two. Probably less offensive, IMO, given the possibility of drunk driving or alcohol fueled violence. Mitch was a college student. Pot is a fact of life on college campuses. Mitch should have been smarter. But he only hurt himself. Still love the guy. No BS.

Haha he is completely unapologetic. I love it.

  • A PR person should have laid eyes on that video before it was made available. Yeesh.
  • Mitch doesn’t look like he learned any lesson other than “don’t get caught”. He looked like he was trying not to laugh through the whole video.
  • my guess is when he got caught, that was not his first dance with a joint and it won’t be his last either.
  • People need to stop holding athletes/celebrities up as role models for their kids. Case in point is this video.
  • In regards to MattD’s comment, I agree it should be legalized and will be eventually. But Mitch knew the rules and broke them - he is still responsible. No matter how stupid the rule may be and how disproportionate the penalty is…
  • With Mitch, the 2014-15 team had Final Four potential. Without him, I think the Sweet 16 is probably their potential ceiling. So as a fan of Michigan basketball, this video and his whatever-attitude kind of irks me.
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I don’t condone the activity that earned the suspension, but I have no issue with him subtly poking fun at the penalty earned, especially considering the lack of uniformity in its enforcement.