Mitch McGary in the NBA

Was able to catch a bit of the OKC vs LAC game during TOs of the UM game. Quite impressive, posted a double double and brought the energy as always

But I was told by Spartans that his rampage in the tournament was just a fluke.

OKC is the perfect spot for Mitch. Doesn’t need to score in order to fulfill a crucial role as OKC is not a very good rebounding team. His energy will earn him minutes and then he will have an opportunity to showcase his court vision and passing on offense

I mean, McGary would be a valued prospect at any team in the league and I’ve maintained that he’s a special talent ever since he first came off the bench for us. I agree, though, that OKC is a great place for him. If he can stay healthy, and that’s a big if, I have no doubt that he can make a name for himself.

He seems to be a fan favorite. Few bigs have a motor like that kid has.

Having seen some highlights from his summer league, my jaw just dropped at how awesome he looked.

I really hope we now have better testing protocols in place to “pre-suspend” any players before before the NCAA administered test.

Yeah he’s definitely a fan favorite already. He got at least 2 standing ovations while I was watching. In related news, screw the NCAA…

dudes a baller, if he can stay healthy he will be a good big man. great fit for okc too.

Just went 6-12 (5-6 FTs) for 17 pts and 10 rebounds (5 offensive) against the Nuggets in 25 min. I miss Mitch, but am happy that he’s making a name for himself in the NBA.

haha cracks me up. 8 minutes in 3 months. Then comes out and gives back-to-back double doubles

Mitch on the cusp of another double double in limited minutes

Mitch getting involved has me tempted to purchase League Pass. So fun watching that kid play.

Mitch getting involved has me tempted to purchase League Pass. So fun watching that kid play.

Not really worth it at this point in the season… I believe League Pass is actually running a free trial period this entire week if you want to get your fix.

Most of OKC’s playoff games will be aired on TNT anyways

Assumed there was some sort of a discount halfway through the season like MLB! Maybe not, though :slight_smile:

FWIW, 11 of OKC’s remaining 32 games are either TNT/ESPN/ABC broadcasted, with an additional 6 slated to the covered by NBATV. Save the $80 or whatever the pro-rated amount is. You’re gonna see more than half the games for free (assuming you have NBATV) anyway!

NBA should be a fun watch down the stretch. Competition for last couple spots in the East are heating up after the deadline. Jockeying for the middle seeds should be interesting as well. West always interesting up and down.

Watching the OKC v Portland game right now. Mitch just went 6/6 in the 3rd quarter for 12 points. He’s got 16 points 7 rebounds off the bunch. Might have to start watching the Thunder play more often because Mitch is just flat out fun to watch. He hustles every single play.

He ended the game 10/13 for 20 pts and 9 rebounds in 28 min. OKC lost however.

Another impressive performance by Mitch. He brings a lot of energy and excitement. Everyone on the team loves him.

Offensive rebounding really makes him a nice plug off the bench.