Minnesota Kicks Carlos Morris off the Team

This seemingly came out of nowhere. Even though he had recently lost his starting spot to Dupree McBrayer, this certainly isn’t going to help.

Can’t wait for Tuesday Rutgers 0-14 vs Minnesota 0-14 that will be some must see television

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Lets go get him. I love his game. I’m not sure how he’s not the go to guy with mason n that team let alone losing his job. Maybe he just plays good against us? The fact he lost his job is a joke. He’s the type of guy we need though. To the rack, mid range guys/ floater extraordinaire. I’m totally serious. I watched him play well last yeR many times. I kept wondering why he wasn’t in against us. Every time he touched it he got a good look in the lane. Am I nuts?

Also what’s up with goodluck from unlv. These are the guys I’d love to go After. Goodluck is a great defender/ athlete. Highly rated just walked. We should raid unlv. Particularly Jackson who we were after before they got five or six top fifty kids over last three years. Lots of them weren’t working out there and now their coach is dumped. We should be tossing out feelers galore.

LOL I love the humor

I’ve watched Morris for two years, since I live in MN. He is far from consistent and wasn’t happy with losing his playing time and starting position to a freshmen. Can’t have that type of cancer in the locker room with a young team. Good move by Pitino.

Ok. Makes sense. But when I saw him last year and then twice this year he always was doing damage off the dribble. Seemed like a great six man/natural scorer.

Character guys, sounds like.

I live in Minneapolis and go to a lot of Gopher games to fill my basketball fix. He’s exactly the opposite of the type of guy we want on our team. Wildly inconsistent, poor fundamentals, and prone to making stupid mistakes. You caught him on a few good nights against Michigan. He would be beyond frustrating if he was on your team.

Also, he’s a senior. So there’s no “let’s go getting him”.

I thought he was a soph

Juco transfer from Chipola JC in Florida