Milwaukee Bucks pick DJ Wilson at No. 17


I guess it was a fairly random digression. I think it’s 1) KBD seemed like someone who could specifically flourish in a JB offense - I mean, if he could get what he got out of a Novak, imagine what he could get out of a long, athletic 4 with excellent shooting range and 2) Coach B was a transformer while Matta was a diamond polisher.

I honestly think that even if the OSU program hadn’t fallen off a cliff, KBD would still have been better served to play for Coach B’s offense and under Coach B’s developmental program.


I’m hesitant to bring up Burke, because so much of what Burke accomplished was from work the player did the summer before his freshman year, but he’d also put Burke in a position after a single year where he was thinking strongly about bolting for the NBA. Seriously, though, if getting that 11-12 squad a piece of the BT championship - in a year where the talent was very strong in the BT - didn’t establish JB as a miracle worker, I don’t know what could.


Interesting to hear Milwaukee talk about character, basketball IQ and work ethic…three of Beilein’s boxes when recruiting.