Milwaukee Bucks pick DJ Wilson at No. 17




Awesome for DJ, Coach Beilein, and Michigan!

Kind of seems odd though, don’t the Bucks need guards?



Giannis Jabari Maker might make it hard to see the floor but my oh my do the Bucks love length.


I was a huge critic of DJ leaving early, but after getting picked at 17, no doubt he made the right decision.


I don’t think the goal for him is as a starter for them. I think he fits perfectly as a long term 20 minutes per game off the bench type player backing up both of them. They’re in a good enough situation that taking a guy they don’t expect to start in the long term is allowable.



I guess there really aren’t many valuable guards on the draft board for the mid-range picks. Probably a good pick given their position.



Do you have any idea if Walton or Irvin are expected to be late 2nd round picks? I sure hope they at least get a shot (which I’m sure they will with the summer league and that stuff).


5 months ago after Illinois I wanted Beilein gone and Irvin on the bench. I really need to never have hot takes ever again.


Walton might have a way outside shot, but I would expect both to go undrafted and get summer league deals.


Good thing Phil Jackson isn’t our coach. He’d be trying to trade DJ after missing that exit interview.


Beilein quote on DJ

“I love the perseverance that D.J. showed throughout his three years at Michigan. He worked so hard as a redshirt freshman and then again as a role player in his sophomore year. He spent countless hours those first two seasons getting stronger and working with our coaches to improve. All that work paid off this season as D.J. had a tremendous year. He was committed to proving he could play and we saw him elevate his game time and time again. We are thrilled for D.J., and his mother, Taniya. They have both sacrificed and worked so hard to achieve this success. I know D.J. will bring that same work ethic to the NBA. The best is yet to come.”


I’m just laughing to myself a little about how MattD continually kept arguing - even this year - that we never should have recruited Wilson, and now the NBA has determined there were only 16 players in this draft better than him. I guess the “lateral agility” thing was a little overplayed.

That, and a three point shooting team won the NBA title in 5 games.


Don’t worry, we will never forget. We should’ve never recruited Wilson or Wagner.


to be fair the best defensive team won the NBA title in 5 games. but yeah, MattD was wrong about DJ.


Should be sending some serious ducats Sanderson’s way, or at the very least a very nice gift.

What a great result for him.


haha nice Patron mark.