Mike Smith to pursue professional career


Good luck Mike! You came in and made this season possible, surpassing almost everyone’s expectations.


Room in the garage for a Carr


I’m glad Mike was on our team this year… thinking about all the off season talk about how the team needed to replace Zavier Simpson. Mike answered a lot of those questions and worked out better than most of us could have expected. Thanks to Mike and best wishes on his pursuit of a professional career.


Good for Mike. Was as a good of a transfer as we could have possibly hoped.


Dylan - good article. You say we are still waiting for Brown, Davis, and Brooks to decide. How about Livers? Aren’t we still waiting on him as well, or has he committed to NBA draft?

Good for him…bad for us


Good luck, Mike! Thanks so much for being a Wolverine this year and always…


Technically they’re still waiting on a decision from Livers too Dylan…I mean…we can dream, right?

I was a little surprised Mike didn’t take the opportunity to be the leader on next year’s team and get into business school, but I tip my cap to him in every way possible. I was one of the most optimistic Mike Smith fans all summer and thought he’d be the starting PG and play a bunch of minutes…but he exceeded even my loftier expectations. He adapted his game to set up teammates, he was an elite outside shooter, he made just enough shots around the rim to keep defenses honest and help the team in clutch situations, and he was a much more solid defender than anyone could have hoped for. Good luck wherever life takes you Mike!

(Side note…it would have been the amazing icing on the cake for him to hit the winning shot against UCLA and hang that banner. I had zero problem with the shot he took and to this day I’m more surprised his shot didn’t fall than I am either of the future NBA player Franz Wagner shots.)


It was a great look for time and situation!

Thanks to Mike for becoming a Wolverine, good luck in the future young man.

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He far out paced my expectations. I just thought it would be too hard for him to come in and perform so well right away but he did it! I wish he would return but I am very grateful he joined our team for last year. Thank you Mike Smith!