Michigan's weaknesses will be put to the test in Louisville rematch


Yeah, I think the keys will be for Naz to be extremely productive, which for her involves getting to the line; and then guard play off of made baskets. I wonder if Phelia may be a better option for us to get the ball up the floor - I think Rauch is a pretty limited athlete who has risen to where she is on moxie and attitude (she is definitely spiciest player on the floor), and Dilk really doesn’t have much to offer (I tend to think she’s a liability - unfortunate given how good she was as a sophomore) on the offensive end at this point. Dilk may be our best defensive option in the back-court though so it’s a rough call there.

Excellent breakdown of what Michigan has to do to stay in this game and have a chance to win. GO BLUE!


There’s no question that points off of turnovers can turn this game from some chance into no chance.

I don’t know if we can beat the press - I’ve seen us chuck the ball around under pressure before this season. I do know that if we throw 5+ blind, hopeful passes to covered players, they will be buckets on the other end and we will lose. We usually throw at least that many in the course of a game. I don’t know if they can tighten up their mindset in 2 days to fix this. Fingers crossed.