Michigan's one plays are against teams 10, 11, and 12 (and 5) in the B1G standings

And UM hasn’t played Illinois yet. We’re in 1st place and our conference SOS is probably 1. The team had one or two clunkers, but it’s been a very impressive conference run so far.

We have taken on all comers. Now, what are our seed possibilities?

Our highest possible seed is a 2 IMO, especially if we win out. Even if we string together a Big Ten Tourney run and win the title, a 1 is hard to fathom seeing we have 7 losses.

MSU was a #1 seed two years ago with 7 losses based on winning the B1G and the B1G tourney. UM is T2 for RPI top-50 wins with 9 (tied with AZ behind KU’s 12). Their SOS is 3 and their nonconf SOS is pretty good. If UM wins the B1G outright, they’re no worse than a 3 seed. If they finish with only one more loss in the regular season and B1G tourney combined, they are highly likely to be a 2-seed. The only way they fall below a 4-seed is lose 2 more in the regular season and don’t make the B1G tourney final, and they may get a a 4 even then, depending on what other teams do. Four of the losses are to top-11 RPI teams. I know this seems a little optomistic compared to bracket-matrix, but do you really think if the season ended yesterday that Michigan State, Iowa State, and Wiscy would all be seeded ahead of UM? I don’t. And some of the teams ahead could fall pretty easily. Nova has 1 top-25 RPI win all year (a good one against KU, to be sure), and 4 top-50 wins. A loss @Xavier could easily put them behind UM. @MSU, MSU, @Wiscy, Iowa, @OSU, @Neb, Stanf(neutral) are a group of wins that not many teams will be able to match. Take care of business and we’ll be just fine.