Michigan's NBA prospects in 2017-18


Anybody else have a feeling Wagner will not be heading to the NBA early? It seems like he needs to develop athletically. He is very young, so there might be time, but he seems a bit behind in terms of explosive athleticism.

If things go well for Matthews, this year, in terms of stats then i would guess he would have the best shot to go to the NBA from the guys on our team…Anybody else want to offer their opinion? Who is more likely to go pro after this year?

Depth and future rotations

Wagner needs to continue to show versatility and improve his rebounding. I feel he will have to make his NBA living as a three point threat. But this team will need for him to score down low and from the perimeter. He will have to get by in the NBA by being crafty.


The take that most NBA people have gone with is that Moe has the potential to be an offensive specialist in the league. Makes sense because he can obviously score from three, off the bounce and down low. He’s definitely stronger and seems to have worked on his play around the hoop (had more seal, catch and finish layups in the last game than we’ve seen in a while and he’s really rebounding).

The three-point shot seems a little mis-configured right now, but that’ll get figured out.

As far as Matthews, he has the tools physically and that’s important (just ask DJ), but he’ll need to prove he’s a legit 2 at the NBA level. Can he make shots, handle, create offense, etc. He’s surpassed my expectations early, but obviously it is hard to tell from a couple of preseason games.


Obviously we have to wait to see how the year goes, but I’m not sure waiting another year would optimize Wagner’s draft standing. How much will he really change athletically next year? And the draft is in large part about potential. If he puts up anywhere near the kind of rebounding numbers he’s shown so far and is able to shoot well from 3, he probably won’t improve coming back unless the team wins the NCAA tourney and he gets the bump from that. He may not lose much by staying, and he may choose to for other reasons, but improving his draft stock dramatically via athletic development seems unlikely.


Yeah, you also have to consider where Moe is in his career arc. He’s tested the waters, he’s going into this season attempting to prove that he belongs at that level to make it to that level.


Wagner may be a 2nd rd pick no matter when he comes out. He has certain athletic limitations that aren’t going to change. His length is what it is. His skill level is good and he can be a stretch 5 but there are always going to be concerns about his defense and lack or rim protection.


Then if he’s a second whether he comes out next year or after his senior season… given how much he loves college… maybe he stays?


I’m not clear what Matthews is supposed to do in the NBA. He has NBA athleticism, but not skill at this point. 2’s with loose handles and no three point shot don’t get drafted.