Michigan will dress two practice players today

Both are former managers that were added to the scout team after LeVert, Wilson and Walton were injured.

Freshman, Jon Rubenstein is a 5-8 guard from Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.
Freshman, Ryan Kapustka is a 6-1 guard from Grand Rapids, Mich.

Hopefully Dakich or Lonergen don’t get the auto-bench or we’ll be seeing these guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully Dakich or Lonergen don't get the auto-bench or we'll be seeing these guys :P

I’d rather those guys get a shot than watch Dakich play for 10 minutes in a half. At least the novelty of it all would be entertaining

I thought the one guy looked tiny. Wow only 5’8. A small guy like that has to have better free throw form. I am assuming he was nervous as all heck, but he didn’t give himself a chance on that one. :-t