Michigan vs. Duke

Is anyone else seriously considering trying to get tickets to the Michigan-Duke game? I really want to go to this, but I know tickets will be hard to come by. I’m not sure what my options are, other than overpaying on stubhub and I’m also not sure when these tickets will become available. If anyone has any insight for me it is appreciated.

You can always email mtickets@umich.edu (IIRC, it’s the email for the ticket office) and ask them what would be the best avenue for getting individual tickets.

Thanks, I didn’t think of that. I’ll have to email them and see if they can provide me any info.

I’m local & would love to go the game but the bottom line is it will be very hard & very expensive. Cameron is tiny & the rare extra tickets that may be on the market do not come cheaply. However it’s highly recommended as a game watching experience & I’m sure it will be nuts for a huge matchup.

A noted above you can check with the ticket office or the local alumni club (http://mtac.umclubs.com) but my guess is the University’s allocation will be small & taken up by family members.

I have a buddy that’s an Iron Duke (their booster club) so I go to a game or 2 a season with him. However, my guess is I’ll be watching this one at home…

Thanks jwalk…I saw earlier that you were down in NC and almost directed this question towards you directly. I have been inside of Cameron once during the off-season while on vacation down in NC (just walked in no questions asked) and remember how darn small of a venue it is. You are right tickets will be hard to come by and expensive. I will definitely hit up the ticket office and alumni club, but I think you are right - I may be watching it on tv as well. I am going to pursue it though, as I have always wanted to see a game there and especially would like to see our guys in person go down there and beat them on their court.

It’s a really cool venue & should definitely be experienced. You’re also right that once you’re on campus & in the building there’s a surprising amount of freedom. If you ever go to a game there they open the floor afterwards & anyone can wander out onto the court & take pics…

I’d love to go but it probably isn’t going to happen. I did make it out to Lawrence a few years ago to see UM play at the Phog though. Really nice place. No bad seats in the house and the people were all really friendly.