Michigan voted one of the best venues for pro scouts

“The next most frequently mentioned schools were Kansas (“they put you in the stands, but always low and in a front row, so you never have an obstructed view. They give you access to the press room. They could sell those seats for a lot of money but they take care of us.”), Michigan (“always a great seat”) and Arizona (“they charge $128 for a ticket, which is more than twice what most schools do, but they put you in a great seat, so none of us have a problem with that. We might have an issue with our budget if we had to pay $128 every time we watched a game, though.”)”

You hear that elite recruits?

From DraftExpress.com http://www.draftexpress.com#ixzz2qWkuw8MX

Bizarre article, but thanks for passing it along. Maybe I should put together a list of the best venues for media … I’m sure people would love that :slight_smile:

LOL It mentions Michigan in a positive light even if the article has questionable intentions