Michigan up to No. 9 in the AP Poll

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Crazy that the six teams 23-28 are all Big Ten teams. That gives us six in the top 25 and nine in the top 28.


Kentucky at #10 is an absolute joke. (Rankings don’t matter, I get it. Just saying!)

So I’m thinking 17-0 going into Wisconsin game Saturday January 19 not to much to ask for


I wish! We will drop at least one game, I’m guessing more, because we will have a game where we just can’t buy a bucket. Every game basically Michigan has had shooting slumps, and this team I think is a little more prone to seeing those more often than past teams. It’s not a huge deal but I think expecting being undefeated come New Years is a bit of a stretch. Not impossible though.

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I couldnt be more excited to play UNC in Ann Arbor.

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