Michigan to wear 1989 throwback uniforms versus Michigan State



Something about seeing that number on a Michigan jersey.


It took me a second to realize why they looked so weird… I don’t think the '89 team ever wore maize uniforms. I could be wrong but it had to have been a pretty rare occurence.

If I recall correctly the Fab Five were the ones that made the maize jersey’s popular; I vaguely remember a game (maybe Duke?) where it was commented how they “dug out” the maize from storage, implying that maize was worn in the past at some point.


I saw the t-shirt at the Nike Howell outlet and didn’t think much about it. The retro version just doesn’t seem to look right in maize.


That is sweet!


PLEASE SELL THE SHORTS TOO. I can’t be wearing bball jerseys around unless Poole wants to lend me some of his excess swag, but would love a pair of the shorts.


Won’t be the same if they don’t replicate the Shorts as well :man_shrugging:t4::man_facepalming:t4:


I’m sure they will wear shorts designed to go with the uniform. No idea whether Jordan Brand will sell them or not.


My all time favorite M Jersey design. I am partial to Maize but the Blue and White Jerseys would be awesome also.


Yeah - pretty sure '91 Duke was the first time we wore maize.


Gotta say, I like those, but I prefer the blue.



76-77 team had maize uniforms. Their team picture on the Bentley Library site are in maize. Not sure before then.



Man, I really really like these.

Except (overdose of pickiness alert) I wish they used the away shorts template and made the side panel white with a blue M.

And I wish they were selling them (the shorts).


I hope they wear these all postseason


In my opinion, these look great.

My opinion needs to be qualified: I always LOVED the 80s uniforms and I was actively upset when they switched in 89-90. The side panel on the shorts, specifically, were really cool at the time. The away unis on their own were only ok, the white panel being a bit of a knock to me, but the home uniforms remain my favorite white Michigan basketball uniform to this day. They are the only edition that really communicates that Michigan’s colors are maize and blue with the white look, in my opinion.

So I like these. I would prefer a maize M, but I understand why they are using white. I would 100% buy the shorts if they were put up for sale. If I get money burning a hole in my pocket I might get the t-shirt version of jersey.

I fully approve here. Well done.