Michigan to play at UCLA this season

Home and home with ucla starting this year at ucla and '17 at home. One more of these with slower 5 conference would help a lot.

Classic matchup, always good to get some exposure in Southern California. Where did you hear about this?

Lonzo Ball and Leaf will be a tough matchup but Alford is a very bad coach who will give his son carte blanche to hog the ball for 40 minutes so should be winnable.

Very true, not a fan of Alford at all. Should be a good matchup for us. Must go better than that Arizona matchup we had.

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Quick story on the front page

I would guess December 10th for the game at UCLA, but we’ll see. I guess they could also do it more over Christmas break.

LOVE this great scheduling. They will be highly ranked inexperienced and they are a 2 man team. Could easily beat them make us ranked or boost our ranking and get us going. Love the pick.


Going to be some tough road games next year but guess if you are going to do it senior laden team is the year. Gives the younger team following year some power 5 teams at home.

Need the road legs of home and homes this year because Big Ten-ACC should be at home. Next year, the ACC game will be on the road and Gavitt might be back on the table (presumably on the road).

They’re more than just a 2 man team Alford-Hamilton have had good careers Welsh has been a serviceable big along with 3 top 100 recruits. I would also add Aaron Holiday had a nice rookie season for them as well. Returning 4 of their top 5 scorers, and their top 4 mpg players.

Nice little coup with this one, I think.

We should stay out there a couple of extra days and go kick Cal’s butt while we are at it.

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Or SDSU… I like the idea of a high-major “road trip” during the non conference schedule. If you go 1-1 at least you don’t go home empty handed.

UCLA announced the date today: December 10th

Here’s the updated schedule

Nice guess back there…

To actually think that Wagner can handle leaf MAAR guarding Ball can neutralize him. I’m not ready to praise them two yet. I actually believe that his might be a great series…can’t wait to see the made over roster play. I actually think that we will be good especially if we add grad transfers that fit / or Baruti…I’m really high on his upside.

He could be good as a junior.

Anyone know who UCLA has coming in this year? Anyone expected to contribute immediately?

UCLA I think has TJ Leaf coming in.

5th best class in the country according to 247. TJ Leaf and Lonzo Ball, with another 4 star wing and a 3 star SG