Michigan to host Toledo on Wednesday


2020 you got to do what you got to do.


Was kind of hoping that we’d find a high major to play in that long break between PSU and Nebraska games but there’s obviously other priorities right now and I’m just thankful for any basketball


Dylan, do you know if there are any TV plans?

I’m sure there’ll be something. I don’t know what though. Probably depends on when the game is.

must be on something. maybe the original NC State timeslot?

I’d be shocked if one of the big ESPN networks wants to air it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a day game honestly given that ESPN has such an exclusive TV block setup for the B10/ACC Challenge.

Wisconsin/Rhode Island is at 4:30, for example.

do we know what’s on BTN that day?

Wisconsin/Rhode Island :wink:

Maybe we get a 2:30 tip for a day basketball double header?


works for me

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what kind of defense does Toledo run?

They are a man-to-man team.

The program is known for its offense though. They were really good offensively for years and then had a great defense 2018-19, then regressed defensively last year.

This is a notable blow. Edu was a rim protector two years ago, missed last year and now opted out of this season.

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I’m happy enough to have basketball that, although a bit disappointed, I’m just glad they could find a replacement so that we can watch this team more.


Yuck. I know it is better than nothing and they don’t have a ton of options but I’d rather they have waited for something better.

In a season sure to have more postponed games, perhaps many more, I’m in favor of playing when you can.


So I’m counting 27 games on Toledo’s schedule already (19 conference games… weird). Are they going to cancel on Kansas City, Marshall or Valpo?)

Pretty sure UMKC has COVID issues although they are supposed to still play Minnesota on Dec. 10.

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Not that it’s anyone’s fault, but in hindsight, this non-con slate will have us wondering whether Jim Boeheim took over the program for a year.


The flip side is that there surely would have been other high major programs that would have become available to other cancellations.

Look, I get why they did it, and it was prudent to do so, I am just disappointed as a fan.

Bite your tongue! I can think of no greater insult