Michigan to host Open Practice / Selfie Night on October 29th

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This is a great event for Michigan basketball fans because you get to see pretty much the entire squad in action. This may be your only opportunity to see what DDJ, Nunez and Castleton can do, because they may play very limited minutes (or none) in the regular season. The selfie part is interesting too, even if you don’t want a picture, because you can see how big (or small) these guys are.

Parking is free and you can park right next to Crisler. I live in AA so it’s incredibly easy for me. But even if I lived in Flint, I would come down to check it out, worth the drive.

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I live in GR and I come over every year. I stop at Zingerman’s for dinner and then head over to Crisler. Love it!


Yeah, I go every year and it really is a fun event! Kids love meeting the players. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get a picture with JB this year.

I went last year for the first time and loved it. It is a fan friendly event.

Went last year with my dad, super fun as a college kid to have a fun evening hanging with my dad! :grin: Definitely recommend going, got a pic with Coach B who was very nice. Would HIGHLY recommend going.