Michigan to face KK Mega Bemax in Spain


This seems like a great move. Should be a legitimate challenge and that’s what you want to get out of this sort of trip.


Dylan I can’t recall what happened in the past, how much coverage is there usually of the games in trips like these? Will there be any live streams or post-game video available? Box scores? Or is it very hush hush and informal?

Usually Michigan will release box scores and such, but Beilein has made a big deal this summer about keeping things kind of under wraps. We’ll be trying to get as much as we can and have had some luck in the past, but TBD.

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Dylan will make the trip and live stream it for us :slight_smile:


Ha! I wish, not in the budget :slight_smile:

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Cmon Athletic, step up

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We had full game tape last time, right?

Nuggets 2nd rd pick last year vlatko cancar also plays for this team

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Believe he’s on loan now.

This is what I was thinking of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVghxTNaSrY

Was all the video just from you guys because you tagged along on the last trip?

Attn mystery benefactors who fund these luxury vacations:

the fans want you to send the plucky journalists along too.


Looks like they’ll be playing off the beaten path at a local sports complex.

Kentucky has looked really good so far, they are scary.