Michigan State vs. Kentucky

I’m pulling for Michigan State to smack Kentucky around. And I think they will too. How in the world can Kentucky be ranked #1 preseason ? with a bunch of unproven Freshman. Joke… Hoping Michigan St sets it straight.

i have a difficult time pulling for msu in anything, but it’ll be an exciting game to watch. i feel like kentucky is going to get pounded this early in the year. they might be a hell of a team towards the end of the season, but i’d be surprised if msu didn’t walk away with a win.

also looking forward to the kansas/duke game. duke really struggled in their first exhibition game. down at the half to a div ii team, but came back to win by 16.

Yes- that will be a great night of college hoops. Love that its here.

Disagree 100 percent. As much as we hate Kentucky, you simply have to pull for them against State.

Go Wildcats!

We should root for Mich St simply so we can beat a highly rated opponent and it looks good for the conference.

I will root for MSU as a B1G team in the nonconference as that just strengthens the impression of the league. I also want Calipari to repeat his performance last year (though that seems less likely). That said, MSU has a proven record of playing tough teams early and getting beaten around themselves. That’s how they “toughen up” for the B1G schedule.

Guys if you root against Kentucky you are rooting against college basketball.

Who cares? CBB will be fine lol